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AC-LAN™ provides instant connectivity for simple computer networks in homes and small businesses without the need for additional installation. Each AC-LAN™ transceiver provides a standard 100BaseT or RJ45 Ethernet connector for use with existing network operating systems. The AC-LAN™ injects the signal onto the 110-240V power line network, making it available to all other outlets in the business or home, while AC-LAN(TM) directly communicates through all power line phase wires without the need for any installation or repeater. Paris
Key Benefits
Any other AC-LAN™ transceiver in the same building picks up the signals and communicates with the other devices. The AC-LAN™ speed rates at around 100 Mbps on a bus topology and covers distances within a home or a building upto 8-10 floors without repeater or any installation.

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