acVIDEO™ was the first Satius product consisting of a transmitter and receiver pair. The acVIDEO™ transmitter accepts base-band NTSC/PAL video and stereo audio signals via standard coaxial cables, and modulates these signals onto a higher frequency carrier. The modulated signal is then injected onto the premises power line (110-240V AC), making it available to all other outlets in a home or apartment. The modulated signal is retrieved with the acVIDEO™ receiver which makes the base-band video and audio available to a second TV through standard connectors. Channel selection at the second TV is accomplished through the use of an integrated infra-red remote control which is built into the acVIDEO™ pair.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple acVIDEO™ receivers may be used to display the same video at different locations, multiplying the viewing ability in the home.
  • The acVIDEO™ product can also be used for security and baby monitoring applications when used with a low-cost video camera and a monitor or PIP TV.