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dcVIDEO™ is a rear-view video monitoring application for trucks, buses and other moving vehicles.

The modulated signal is retrieved by the dcVIDEO™ receiver which makes the base-band video available to a monitor through standard connectors. Multiple dcVIDEO™ receivers may be used to display the same video at different locations in a vehicle.

dcVIDEO™ consists of a transmitter and receiver pair. The dcVIDEO™ transmitter accepts base-band NTSC/PAL video via standard coaxial cables, and modulates these signals onto a higher frequency carrier. The modulated signal is then injected onto the +12V DC power line, making it available everywhere in the vehicle.

Key Benefits

dcVIDEO™ eliminates the need for additional wiring which is often unreliable and costly.
dcVIDEO™ can be easily adapted to power lines with different voltages such as 24-72V DC.

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