Company Profile

Satius believes that its technology will revolutionize the communication business, and may well bring about the birth of a trillion (not billion) dollar business. Satius started power line communication more than 20 years ago, what is known today as BPL. Satius discovered how to communicate directly through the transformers, electricity meters and the power line phases at very high speed making this application finally a marketable as a real “Plug and Play” device.

Satius licensed a very high speed, last mile Broadband Power Line Communication (BPL) device, that is crucial for communication service distribution. This is believed to become a trillion dollars business. Imagine Internet, Telephone, TV channels, video applications, security and AMR (Automated Meter Reading) applications over the Electrical Outlets. Several Giga Bits per Second signals can be sent over the power lines from the substations for the Last Mile operation all the way to the homes - for fraction of the price that is being paid today. Satius invented a unique BPL that communicates through any transformers (without putting anything to the transformer) at speed even in several Gbps. Transformers are an obstacles for other BPL competitors. Satius technology furthermore communicates between any power line phases without installing repeaters in every fusebox location. Competitors has serious problems implementing BPL in buildings because their technology does not directly communicate between the power phases. Furthermore, Satius' technology believed to be the only one that can meet the new FCC rules. Satius developed prototypes and successfully tested them several places in the world. Satius has the most number of licenses covering this technology that relates to BPL.

Satius, Inc. was established in January, 1992 to develop, license, manufacture and market products that utilize the only coupler technology known to enable existing power lines to act as a multimedia highway for the simultaneous distribution of video, voice and high speed data.

Some of these products (acVideo, dcVideo, acLAN, acWAN) are to be sold through distributors, resellers, consumer electronics outlets and OEM partners. These markets are stable, large in size and at a stage in their evolution where Satius' technology would provide a unique capability to network multimedia services around premises over existing power lines at a reasonable cost.

Satius has also developed a high speed data communications technology for use on the existing power line network (acWAN) that is to be licensed to utilities who wish to provide telecommunications services to their customers. acWAN licensing can be achieved directly or through system integrators that the utilities prefer to work with.