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Satius' revolutionary Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology includes proprietary coupler and modem designs that overcome line noise, standing waves and the non-linearity problems that historically have limited the usable bandwidth on power lines. Hence, our technology greatly improves the ability of standard home, building or high voltage electrical lines to transmit data, video and voice. This new technology provides a common foundation for all future Satius products.

Satius' power line technology is the only one that can communicate through any size transformers, between all 3 power line phases and through any type of electricity meters without repeaters or any type of installations, up to 3 Gbps. It also meets the new FCC rules.

Currently, Satius’ technology provides high quality analog video and audio transmission, as well as very high speed data communications up to 3 Gbps. We anticipate that continued research and development will result in even higher speeds.

Satius’ technology is inherently reliable, less complicated and provides much higher performance than competitive PLC technologies. Our technology also promises to be a fraction of the cost of alternative wiring solutions, including coax, twisted pair and fiber.


Satius' technology has received three Ben Franklin Innovation Awards from the Ben Franklin Technology Center of Pennsylvania since 1992.


Satius' new product is AC-WiFi™ which needs to be plugged into the 120V or 220V AC outlet, which will provide WiFi signals everywhere inside a home or a 8-10 floor building or for the last half a mile distance in rural areas. No installation required since the signals will be everywhere on the 120V, 240V or 11KV power line from where WiFi network will be available to connect as long as one knows that network login and password.

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