Our Products


dcVIDEO™ is a rear-view video monitoring application for trucks, buses and other moving vehicles.

The modulated signal is retrieved by the dcVIDEO™ receiver which makes the base-band video available to a monitor through standard connectors. Multiple dcVIDEO™ receivers may be used to display the same video at different locations in a vehicle.
dcVIDEO™ consists of a transmitter and receiver pair. The dcVIDEO™ transmitter accepts base-band NTSC/PAL video via standard coaxial cables, and modulates these signals onto a higher frequency carrier. The modulated signal is then injected onto the +12V DC power line, making it available everywhere in the vehicle.
Key Benefits

  • dcVIDEO™ eliminates the need for additional wiring which is often unreliable and costly.
  • dcVIDEO™ can be easily adapted to power lines with different voltages such as 24-72V DC.


 acLAN™ provides instant connectivity for simple computer networks in homes and small businesses without the need for additional wiring. Each acLAN™ transceiver provides a standard 10BaseT or RJ45 Ethernet connector for use with existing network operating systems. The acLAN™ injects the signal onto the 110-240V power line network, making it available to all other outlets in the business or home.

Key Benefits

  • Any other acLAN™ transceiver in the same building picks up the signals and communicates with the other devices.
  • The acLAN™ speed rates at 10 Mbps on a bus topology and covers distances within a home or a building.



acWAN™ provides wide area network connectivity between a power substation and the homes and businesses it serves (up to 25 miles).

The acWAN™ injects the signal onto the power line network at the power substation, making it available everywhere on the high- (11kV-33kV) and low-voltage (110V-450V) power lines downstream.

This is possible because the injected signals can propagate through multiple distribution transformers on the power network. All acWAN™ nodes on the same ‘branch’ of the power line network will be able to pick up  the signals and communicate with other devices, creating a 100 Mbps wide area network.

Each acWAN™ transceiver provides a standard RJ45 Ethernet connector for use with existing network operating systems, and any other off-the-shelf routers, switches and hubs. It is Satius’ intention to provide technologies compatible with existing standards, such as the Ethernet protocol and the Novell/Microsoft/Sun network operating systems.

A number of acWAN™ coupler prototypes have already been tested and verified to be capable of 100 Mbps on high- and low-voltage power lines. Hence, acWAN™ is ready to be employed in a trial program, or in a full-blown system implementation. Such programs would require a development process in which Satius needs to be heavily involved. For each acWAN™ application, a new set of couplers and/or modems may need to be developed, as each system may have different requirements and/or electrical specifications.  

AC-WAN™ provides the Last Mile network connectivity between a Internet and/or cable TV Provider and the homes and businesses.

The AC-WAN™ injects the signal onto the power line network anywhere, preferred into the 120V/240V outlet, making it available everywhere on the high- (11kV-33kV) and low-voltage (110V-450V) power lines downstream.

AC-WAN™ modems capable of +100 Mbps throughput speed on high- and low-voltage power lines.  AC-WAN™ is being sold in Asia and East Europe.